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So I got this game due to all the hype and everyone I know saying it's amazing.It's true for the first ten games then you realized you wasted about 40-60$ as most free games have more content. (Which would be ok if it had waves of creeps, like don't 2 or league of legends. Like the total amount of content if you wanted a moba.) But If you want to play a game where you walk around a corner and get instantly killed by someone looking the other way than yes game of the year.

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Though, I am concerned about the amount of younger children who play this game. While at face value it's a friendly FPS the more you dive into the story side of the game there are themes of death and violence.Common Sense Media says this should be 13 but I think an average 11 year old can easily handle the violence, the violence is actually very mild, unrealistic and not bloody at all.The player is in the role of a hero fighting against the baddies so the game has positive messages.I’m sure all online games are like this but I would hope that other companies who support these games do a better job than Blizzard at dealing with these players. Google "youtube overwatch toxic player" and watch a few.Then realize that those are the ones that got recorded, most don’t.Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB, so treat it as a rated M game.

People online will not hesitate to tease your kid, especially if they decide to run their mouth.

I bought this game for my 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son and I'm not such a big fan of letting kids play first person shooters because of violence but guess what?

The violence in this game is actually extremely mild and if you are fine with your child watching PG movies this is perfectly fine.

The game has no sexual content, bad language or drinking/drugs (other than a character smoking a cigar which as long as your child knows not to smoke is fine) so I would recommend this game for ages 11 and up.

As an adult all in all I think this is a great game.

------------------------- I would like to say, i went in to the blizzard control panel and blocked my sons (and my own) voice.