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Rock band camp adults

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Steve, did his first Rookie Rockstars week in September of 2014.He is an accomplished singer, musician, songwriter and playwright!

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I realize not everyone shares my love of “roughin’ it for Jesus.” But I believe every child should experience church camp at least once, and here’s why.Dave had a tough time at school, having been severely bullied for a number of years.He wanted to seize the opportunity to help children understand that they are all special, they should have confidence in themselves, that they should never give up and to always remember that bullying is not right!Not the sleep-in-a-tent-under-the-stars type camper, but the church-camp type camper.I’ve been going to church camp since I was about 4 years old.For a few days they are not distracted by home life, sibling squabbles, or pressure from school. We often think nothing of plunking down hundreds of dollars for soccer camp, gymnastics camp, band camp, or (fill in the blank with any other activity) camp.

We will even schedule family vacations and other commitments around them, because we recognize the benefit of concentrated efforts in those areas.

She now manages the office and its staff as well as working closely with schools to ensure the smooth delivery of the Rookie Rockstars Programme.

Kristin is currently a media student by day and an important part of our team by night.

Imagine what could happen if we put as much effort and financial investment into our children’s spiritual development!

Think about the impact it will have when, years down the road, they look back on their camp experience and say, “I know God is real, because I met Him at camp.” What experiences have you or your kids had at church camp?

Dave has pretty solid musical credentials too having toured worldwide with his band before starting the Rookie Rockstars Programme.